Greene County Composite Squadron 606

Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary
445 E. Lincoln St.
Greene County, Waynesburg, PA 15370


Drill Videos
Parade Rest / At Ease / Rest
Flight Terminology
Forming The Flight
Fall Out / Dismissed
Taking Control Of The Flight
Flight Transit / Controlling The Guidon Bearer
To the Rear
Route Step / At Ease, March
Double Time
Half Step
Road Guard Procedures
Reporting In Procedures
Facing Movements
Basic Marching Terminology
Fall In (Close Interval)
Sizing The Flight
Flight Safety / "Knock It Off"
Leaving And Returning To Ranks
Right / Left Step
Mark Time
Halting The Flight / "Cover"
Flanking Movements
Reveille Retreat Procedures
Open Ranks Inspection (ORI)
Guidon Procedures